GRIPonMASH received significant EU funding to improve prevention and care of Metabolic dysfunction-Associated Steatohepatitis (MASH)

New European project aims to improve tools and advice to prevent chronic liver illnesses.


GRIPonMASH will address the unmet public health need of reducing disease burden and comorbidities associated with Metabolic dysfunction-Associated Steatotic Liver Disease (MASLD).

GRIPonMASH is a consortium founded by Julius Clinical and the University Medical Center Utrecht consisting of 27 involved parties dedicated to bring about a transformational change in the detection and diagnosis of MASH patients. The four year project is funded by the Innovative Health Initiative Joint Undertaking (IHI) which is funded jointly by the European Union (represented by the European Commission) and the life science industries (represented by COCIR, EFPIA / Vaccines Europe, EuropaBio, MedTech Europe). The aim is to achieve better information, diagnosis and lifestyle advice on MASH.

Our goal is to increase the number of people diagnosed and aware of the lifestyle changes needed and decrease the number of people with MASH and liver cancer.

The project is coordinated by the UMC Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Work Package
Structure and WP

acad. Amsterdam UMC – Onno Holleboom
indus. Echosens – Francesca Braga

acad. Julius Clinical – Manuel Castro Cabezas & Vivian de Jong
indus. Echosens – Céline Fournier
acad. UCSC & FPG Roma – Luca Miele
indus. Biocellvia – Cindy Serdjebi
acad. IBiS Sevilla – Manuel Romero Gomez
indus. Metadeq – Aldo Trylesinski
acad. UMCU – Vicente Artola
indus. AstraZeneca – Samuel Daniels
acad. Antwerp – Sven Franque
acad. UMCU – Ghislaine Van Thiel
ELPA – Marko Korenjak
Elevate Health – Fenna Buis
acad. UMCU – Oscar Franco
indus. Echosens – Jo Massoels

10 Enrolling Countries & Pls

Each of the 10 enrolling countries will contribute with 1000 subjects, ensuring a robust and diverse dataset. Logistics and coordination are meticulously managed by the Centre of Excellence (CoE), with recruitment efforts seamlessly conducted at Primary Care Practices (PCP) and clinics.

Sucessfull kick-off meeting Sevilla

7 and 8 March, we convened the Kick-off Meeting in Seville. We commenced these days with introductions and outlined the project’s aims. Various partners delivered inspiring presentations, providing valuable insights. Moreover, it was a wonderful opportunity for everyone to meet face-to-face.