The Institute of Clinical Physiology (IFC) of the National Research Council (CNR), the largest Research Council in Italy, is a center for basic, clinical, technological and epidemiological research. Research is mainly developed in the area of pathophysiology of cardiometabolic diseases (including MASLD, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases) through a multidisciplinary and translational approach that focuses on the multi-organ and multi-system perspective. 

The research group involved in GRIPonMASH has worldwide recognized expertise on the metabolic mechanisms underlying MASLD and its progression to MASH or comorbidities, discovery and validation of metabolic markers of disease. IFC-CNR will contribute to GRIPonMASH in the development of new artificial intelligence models, validation, refinement and extension of biomarkers for early detection of MASLD and prediction of disease progression and treatment outcome to be used as an alternative to liver biopsies.