For more than 50 years the Society’s expertise has been used to teach clinicians how to manage lipid disorders and how to prevent atherosclerosis. Through our publications, EAS creates a framework for discussion of new developments in the field. With live and online educational activities, EAS supports exchange of knowledge between scientists and clinicians. 

By reaching out to involve young scientists and researchers also from related disciplines we strengthen and expand development of the field now and in the future. The Society uses its resources to encourage and highlight scientific excellence, and to strengthen research in the field of atherosclerosis by providing opportunities to young, up-and-coming scientists and researchers to launch or progress their international careers.

In the GRIPonMASH project, EAS not only extends its credibility and knowledge to serve the mission but also authenticates it. This initiative embodies our ongoing commitment to advancing research, fostering collaboration, and ensuring a bright future for cardiovascular health.