Exit 071

EXIT071 is a spinoff from Leiden University in The Netherlands. At EXIT071, we are on a mission to revolutionize the diagnostic and drug development industry by introducing highly specific cell and organ-derived biomarkers. We aim to achieve this by developing innovative technology for the analysis of exosome-based biomarkers.

Recently discovered exosomes are nanosized particles produced by all cells that play a crucial role in cell-to-cell communication. Exosomes hold significant potential for non-invasive diagnostics and novel therapeutics. The lack of suitable methods to isolate exosomes is the primary challenge hampering the exosome industry. Our exosome isolation and analysis platform is based on the patented technology Depletion Zone Isotachophoresis, utilizing markedly different physical properties of exosomes compared to methods currently available on the market. 


The innovative engineering of our device offers a range of benefits over existing solutions, including high purity, recovery, and tunable enrichment of exosomes. The seamless integration of our product with analytical platforms facilitates high-value diagnostics, providing unprecedented specificity and sensitivity to liquid biopsy and precision medicine. EXIT071 addresses the critical need for more informative biomarkers in clinical diagnostics and drug research.

EXIT071 is a biomarker development partner. We will explore new biomarkers for early detection through liquid biopsies using our patented technology for extracellular vesicle isolation.