Harokopio University

Harokopio University of Athens is a public University, founded in 1990 and located in the centre of Athens. Designed and developed according to international standards and guidelines, Harokopio University of Athens possesses vast scientific experience in the field of health-related research. Currently holding a leading position among Greek universities and occupying prominent positions in world university rankings (THE ranks), HUA is a research-oriented institution with prominent research activity and a significantly high number of publications in high impact factor journals.

HUA’s Department of Nutrition and Dietetics was founded in 1992 and constitutes the leading department of applied science in nutrition and dietetics, in Greece. The Department’s mission concentrates on improving health through research, teaching and leadership in human nutrition.

As part of the of Grip on Mash consortium, Harokopio University is set to become one of the total twelve centers of excellence (Coe), responsible for the recruitment and participation of 1,000 volunteers in the screening study on the Work Package (WP) 2. Harokopio University will also be engaged on the detection of existing and novel biomarkers aiming to early diagnosis and alternative, non-invasive prognostic strategies investigated during the WP4. 

Primary healthcare providers ((P)HCPs), dietitians and clinicians will be educated on screening of MASLD/MASH patients as well as on applying the existing clinical practices and guidelines of the European Association for the Study of the Liver (EASL). 

The GRIP on MASH platform will collect data concerning various factors as lifestyle traits, genetics, biochemical markers, anthropological characteristics and the quality of life, steaming from the screening study, to improve the likelihood of early detection.