Julius Clinical

Julius Clinical is a global academic Contract Research Organization (CRO) that was established in 2008 as a spin-off from the University Medical Center Utrecht. The company is actively engaged in conducting clinical trials across key therapeutic areas: CNS, Cardio-Metabolic, and Infectious Disease. Offering end-to-end CRO and SMO services, their expertise spans the entire spectrum of clinical trial management, from early phases to post-registration.

Julius Clinical has initiated the GRIPonMASH consortium, with the aim of fostering a comprehensive public health response to MASLD and MASH. As a pivotal player in the consortium, they lead the screening and long-term follow-up of MASLD high-risk patients, overseeing primary care center engagement, patient enrollment, diagnostic assessments, and data collection and analysis. 

However, their commitment extends beyond patient care, actively supporting various aspects of the project. This includes strategic contributions such as designing and optimizing the platform structure, developing AI-based decision support tools, validating biomarkers, exploring non-invasive alternatives to liver biopsies, and tailoring personalized lifestyle guidance based on screening outcomes. 

Furthermore, Julius Clinical is dedicated to evaluating the economic, ethical, and regulatory dimensions, ensuring the sustainability and scalability of the GRIP on MASH platform. Emphasizing reliability and innovation, the organisation prioritizes building trust in the platform, striving to advance clinical solutions for MASLD patients.