Our centre is Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa-FMUL, the largest national Medical School, that is included in CAML or Lisbon Academic Medical Center (Centro Académico de Medicina de Lisboa-CAML) a consortium of three institutions: ULS Santa Maria, one of the main Portuguese hospitals working together with five primary care Units; FMUL and GIMM– Gulbenkian Institute for Molecular Medicine, a biomedical research institute of excellence.

CAML was launched with a vision of improving medical care through a dedicated and rigorous medical education and scientific research with impact from the bench to the bedside and back to the bench. A strategy based on sharing facilities, human resources, know-how and funding has been pivotal for the international recognition of CAML and positively impacted its four flagship projects: CIC-CAMLCAML BiobankCAML PhD program and CAML EC

The association of Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade de Lisboa -FMUL, with the  ULS Santa Maria, one of the main Portuguese hospitals, now working together with several Primary Care functional Units, is an ideal setting for GRIP on MASH. It will allow us to have the Primary Care Units to refer their users, to benefit from a center CIC-CAML where the individuals/patients will be fully evaluated with a trained team and a well-structured biobank CAML Biobank, where samples will be securely stored. Furthermore, the CAML PhD program will facilitate PhD programs, and the ethics committee will support our needs in this aspect.