The Dutch SME MIMETAS, founded in 2013 in Leiden, is today’s world market leader in the emerging field of Organ-on-a-Chip technology. MIMETAS develops Organ-on-a-Chip models to specification in their proprietary OrganoPlate® platform, markets the OrganoPlate platform and performs self-funded R&D on their groundbreaking Organ-on-a-Chip models. Their unique microfluidic platform enables high-throughput testing of compounds on miniaturized 3D organ models. These models offer better predictivity as compared to laboratory animal testing and conventional cell culture models. The OrganoPlate platform supports 3D cell culture under continuous perfusion, membrane-free co-culture and boundary- and gradient formation, thus mimicking important aspects of tissues and organs. 

MIMETAS has locations in Oegstgeest and Enschede, the Netherlands, Gaithersburg, Maryland, US, and Tokyo, Japan. MIMETAS counts the majority of the top-50 pharmaceutical companies as its customers, as well as leading consumer goods and chemical companies. The company is run by an experienced management team supported by a seasoned board, and currently employs over 115 professionals. MIMETAS already generates year-on year multi-million revenues and envisions to grow to a profitable company by 2025, with over 100mn€ revenues and over 275 employees worldwide. In 2018, itclosed a 20.5mn$ investment round to further consolidate its market leader position.


In the GRIP-on-MASH consortium, MIMETAS will contribute to the discovery and validation of biomarkers using their liver-on-chip platform. This highly controlled and high-throughput screening platform enables the optimization of the isolation of liver specific extracellular vesicles and optimization of multi-OMICs biomarkers, thereby accelerating the discovery of new biomarkers and the validation of therapeutic targets for MASLD/MASH.